Corporate Finance Specialist

Darlington is a Chartered Accountant who has completed his articles in the banking industry.
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Portfolio Manager

Prisha is a Certified Internal Auditor and completed her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Manchester’s Alliance Manchester Business School in the UK.

Senior Portfolio Manager

Isaac is a Chartered Accountant who has also completed the PMD and ARM programs with GIBS and The Insurance Institute of America respectively.
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Executive PA to MD

Jeanne is Executive Personal Assistant to the Managing Director and the Lireas team. She joined the Hannover Re Group in 1993.

Managing Director

Valerie is the Managing Director of Lireas a role she has occupied since 2001. She joined the Hannover Re Group (previously Hollandia) in 1993.
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Achim Klennert


Achim is the Group CEO of Hannover Re Africa and the Chairman of Lireas. Achim was seconded from Germany for an initial 3 year contract. 16 years later Achim is considered a ‘local’. He has over 25 years of reinsurance experience with the Hannover Re Group. He studied law at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and completed his articles at the Federal State of Rheinland Pfalz in Germany.

Achim saw the potential of Lireas very soon after his arrival as Group CEO, despite a large loan and some challenging, non performing investments. His belief in this business model coupled with his interest and support of Lireas has contributed in a large way to the Company’s success.

The team describes Achim as a fantastic ‘out the box’ thinker who likes to challenge them with unexpected questions and different thinking. Achim’s door is always open which makes him an extremely accessible and valued chairman. He is never satisfied with second best and this motivates the team to achieve even more.

Taurai Muranda

Deputy Chairperson

Taurai has been associated with Lireas as a director since 2003 and shareholder since 2005. She brings extensive private equity experience and knowhow to the team having worked previously at Ethos and Wiphold. Taurai is a qualified Chartered Accountant and also serves on the Boards and Committees of the other operating companies of Hannover Re Group Africa.

The Lireas Team describes Taurai as a wonderfully wise and astute business partner and director. Her experience in the tough world of private equity player means that she asks the difficult investment questions (always in a nice way) and is only satisfied when she receives a satisfactory answer.

Mohlabani (Bani) Kgosana

Non Executive Director

Bani is a certified SAP systems implementer with many years of SAP implementation experience. Bani joined the Lireas Board in 2013. In addition to his role as Lireas Director, Bani also sits on the Boards of the other operating companies of Hannover Re Group Africa as well as that of Britehouse Specialist SAP Division. With his extensive IT system implementation and business knowledge Bani brings a disciplined approach to new IT investment considerations. Bani chairs the Hannover Re Africa Information and Information Technology board sub-Committee (IITC) and is a member of the Hannover Re Africa and group company Risk Committees.

Bani’s insights and experience in the broader IT world has assisted Lireas as it contemplates how to get to grips with its insurtech businesses. Bani’s open and friendly manner makes him a very approachable director.

Marquerithe Schreuder-Blersch

Non-Executive Director

Marquerithe is a qualified Actuary who joined the Lireas Board in May 2013, at which time she also joined the Boards of the other operating companies of Hannover Re Group Africa as well as chairing the Risk Committee. She brings a technical and risk assessment driven approach to new investment considerations. Marquerithe was a partner in the Actuarial Practice of Deloitte for 9 years where she was very involved in the Insurance Industry side of the practice having been (among other things) a Statutory Actuary for a number of insurance companies.

The Team describes Marquerithe as the Director who asks very insightful and detailed questions when considering a new investment proposal. These questions undoubtedly keep the Team on their toes and ensure that a high standard of proposals is maintained.

Quintin Landman

Non-executive Director & Financial Director

Quintin is a qualified Chartered Accountant. He joined the Hannover Reinsurance Group in 2004 after spending 6 years with KPMG’s Insurance Practise. In 2006 he was appointed to the Hannover Re Group Africa Exco with Finance and Taxation as main responsibility. In March 2013 Quintin was appointed as Finance Director of Hannover Reinsurance Group Africa, Hannover Reinsurance Africa, Hannover Life Reassurance Africa and Lireas Holdings.

According to the Lireas team Quintin is a most unflappable and calm Financial Director with an absolute determination for his team to provide the highest reporting efficiency and accuracy. He also has a wonderful sense of humour which acts as a perfect foil for the serious job of an accountant.