Darlington is the newest addition to the Lireas team. He is a Chartered Accountant, having completed his articles with Nedbank Ltd and has 2 years’ experience in investment banking (specifically leveraged finance).

With a strong background in financial analysis, risk mitigation and financial modelling, Darlington’s main responsibility is to provide valuation and deal structure expertise to the Lireas team, portfolio companies and potential investment opportunities.

Darlington is an innovative thinker as evidenced by the fact that during his articles his idea was selected in the top 3 ideas to be implemented in the investment banking division as part of an internal innovation competition. He brings a different view on things and an energy that really benefits the Lireas team.

Description from colleagues:

The numbers guy“- smooth on the dance floor, a people’s person, our soy milk drinking fashionista, loves what he does, always pleasant.

What I enjoy about working at Lireas:

The team has an all hands on deck approach, which means everyone gets involved with almost everything. This helps to get exposure to a wide range of topics related to business management and investment.