Isaac is a Chartered Accountant who has also completed the PMD and ARM programs with GIBS and The Insurance Institute of America respectively. In 2020, he acquired a Master of Philosophy Degree in International Business (MPhil IB) with GIBS.

He has been with Lireas Holdings for over 10 years and is currently a Senior Portfolio Manager that looks after a number of Lireas’ investments in both the Underwriting Management Agency and Insurance Technology spaces. Isaac is involved in the operational and strategic matters of the investments, evaluating and setting up start-up businesses as well as Lireas’ merger and acquisition activities. Isaac serves as a member of the boards of various Lireas investee companies.

Prior to Lireas, Isaac spent almost 3 years with Absa Insurance Company in their Risk Finance and Strategic Projects areas. Isaac has been in the Insurance industry since 2006 when he joined international Advisory Services Limited in Bermuda as Account Executive.

Description from colleagues:

The diplomat“- Easy going, attentive to detail, networker of note, loves what he does, loves people.

What I enjoy about working at Lireas:

It’s a dynamic and great learning environment – so many different businesses, opportunities and people you meet and deal with.  Very family like environment and great relationships created and cultivated here.