Valerie is the Managing Director of Lireas, a role she has occupied since 2001. She joined the Hannover Re Group (previously Hollandia) in 1993 having completed her BCom at Wits.

Business is all about relationships and Valerie values building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with Lireas’ business partners and her colleagues. With many years of experience in the UMA space, Valerie and Lireas are also able to put this knowledge and experience to good work to benefit insurtech start-up businesses. Part of Valerie’s role at Lireas is to serve on the boards of Lireas’ investment companies and thereby provide support and strategic direction. Lireas’ foray into insurtech start-ups has emphasised the importance of building networks not just in the insurance industry but also with potential investment partners in the venture capital world – a role which Valerie enjoys very much.

She loves the intensity and challenge of a new deal or celebrating a milestone with her team and Lireas’ partners. Valerie is a sports addict and is a passionate participant and fan who doesn’t like losing. Her ideal holiday is spent in Southbroom, combining time on the beach with a few rounds of golf with her husband and 2 gorgeous boys.

Description from colleagues:

Mother Hen”never get between Valerie and ‘her’ investments as she will go to the absolute ends of the earth to support and help them.

What I enjoy about working at Lireas:

I absolutely love what I do: leading a small team of highly professional and motivated people, with access to all the advantages a large corporate like Hannover Re brings as well as receiving investment savvy support from Mahogany Private Equity. All the while relishing the challenges and unrelenting drive of many of Lireas’ entrepreneurial partners. Thankfully no day is ever the same!