You have come to the right place in your search of a value adding, mutually beneficial partnership.

Our prospective partners usually fit into the flowing categories:

Specialist Insurance Expert

A specialist insurance expert seeking to start his / her own business (UMA) or Insurtech and move away from the corporate world.

Existing UMAs

An existing UMA seeking a new home, expansion capital or existing shareholders planning to exit the investment.

Potential Convert to UMA

An insurance company or intermediary seeking to convert to a UMA.

Insurtech Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs with insurtech ideas fitting our investment scope and appetite.

Technology Ideas

Technology ideas for distribution of insurance products, creating operating efficiencies, increasing underwriting profitability or solving identified pain points in the insurance industry.

Start-Up Incubation

Start-ups seeking incubation and/or guidance on their idea(s).

Investors / Incubation Partnerships

Investors or incubators seeking co-investment or partnership.

What we look for

  • A idea that fits and supports the strategic objectives of Hannover Re:
    • The business or venture generates Reinsurance premium for Hannover Re.
    • The business or technology assists in improving efficiencies and profitably for Hannover Re and its clients.
  • Hannover Re has appetite for the envisaged insurance product or solution from the Life or P&C businesses.
  • Outstanding potential business partners (we invest in people!).
  • Alignment of interests.
  • Superior and value adding technology ideas and solutions.
  • Differentiated intellectual property (niche/specialist/unique etc.).
  • A compelling business plan and financial forecast that support a viable and sustainable business.